JUAN Warning Number 16

Position Information

Positions Time Latitude Longitude Wind speed (kts) Gust (kts) Pressure Category
Analysis 29 Sep 2003 @0500 L 47.8 -63.4 60 75 987 MB TS
12hr Forecast 29 Sep 2003 @1400 L 53.5 -61.2 50 60 TS
24hr Forecast 30 Sep 2003 @0200 L 61.1 -56.3 35 45 TS

Closest Point of Approach

CPA for Home Station (CAPE MAY) (Direction is from the location to the storm)
CAPE MAY: Sep 29 0900L Direction: 40 Distance: 730 NM
Closest station to forecast track (Direction is from the location to the storm)
HALIFAX: Sep 29 0900L Direction: 359 Distance: 193 NM ( 222 SM)


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Finally, you should NOT depend on this page for timely Hurricane and Tropical Storm warnings (the net is never very timely), but should instead listen to the official National Weather Service broadcasts for storm watches, warnings and tracking information. Remember, this is the Net. Nothing here is real.


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